CAMP 2019 Registration

June 23 - 28, 2019

Welcome! Registration now closed.

Applications received after April 29th, 2019 will be immediately added to the wait list.

Link to apply can be found at the bottom of this page.

Application Breakdown

Looking forward to the application process, here are some things you can anticipate:

  • Making an account with a username and password to access the application to complete on your own time.

  • If you are a parent registering more than one camper, you will be able to register all campers under the same username.

  • There is an “auto save” feature that saves your application every time you finish a question. Therefore, there is no need to “save” your application. This allows families to access their application and complete it as they please.

  • We request the camper’s licensed health care provider to complete and sign a health history form. These forms must be scanned and uploaded to the application. We strongly suggest families make appointments with their primary physician sooner rather than later so that applications are completed on time.

  • Applications must be 100% complete and application fees must be paid to be considered.


Once your account is created, there are four primary sections: 

  • Registration: Preliminary demographic information.

  • Health Profile: This is the primary section of the application requesting pertinent information about the camper. It is divided into 18 sub-sections that you can complete at your leisure

  • Account: In this section, you may make administrative changes to your account, as well as follow through with the application payment. Please remember, your application is not complete until the payment is processed and it will not be considered until that time.

  • Travel Protection: This is not a relevant section in our application process, therefore you may ignore this section. It is embedded into the architecture of the site and we were unable to remove it.


The following are the sections in aforementioned "Health Profile" section:

  • Camper Information: In this section you will choose which camp session you are interested in attending in addition to further camper information.

  • Birth History: Here you will identify your relationship to the camper - Birth Parent(s), Legal Guardian(s), Foster Parent(s), Adoptive Parent(s), or other.

  • Health History: You will be requested to provided all diagnosis and to complete a questioner.

  • Medications: In this section you will provide all medications the camper is on. Any/All information in this section can be found on the label of the bottle of the prescription.

  • Brief Criminal & Education History: Here you will specify criminal history (if applicable). Also, you will be requested to indicate information pertaining to the campers academics.

  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Behavior Screening Tool: For this section, you will be asked several dozen questions relating to the campers behavior in the past 12 months. You will provide quantitative responses as to the frequency of such questions (0 - Never, 1 - Sometimes, 2 - Frequently, & 3 - Always).

  • Restrictions & Allergies: This section allows you to specify dietary restrictions and allergies the camper may have.

  • Immunizations: You will be asked to include vaccination history here.

  • Insurance: You will be asked to upload an image of your insurance card.

  • Healthcare Providers: In this section you may provide the contact information for any healthcare providers the camper has.

  • Healthcare provider Form: This is the section that contains the form that you may download that the camper's primary care physician must complete and sign. Part of this form also asks you to click the "Print" button (in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen) and have the physician review these sections of your application.

  • Authorization: The final section requests a series of electronic signatures for certain camp forms and waivers.


The external site (CampDoc) is an industry standard for summer camp applications, which is highly secure and encrypts all files/information you provide. For further information regarding the security of the application process, please click here or navigate to


Please contact for any questions, comments and concerns.