Board of Director Job Descriptions

Small time commitment; lifelong impact.

Our board is growing! Please consider the openings under the following job descriptions. Please click below to apply for any that interest you.

Camp Consultant

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Consult CAMP’s Board of Directors on any decisions related to camp Suggest new and engaging camp activities, schedule, and organizational structure

  • Provide feedback on CAMP Staff interviews

  • Train CAMP directors and leadership prior to camp

Fundraising Consultant

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Identify donor prospects and fundraising opportunities

  • Work with CEO and Executive Director to develop annual fundraising plan

Director of Public Relations

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Create press releases on an as needed basis for fundraisers, major dates/enrollment announcements, etc.

  • Respond to general inquiries as they come via email, social media, etc.

  • Revise and draft major communications to camper’s families prior to camp.

Director of Social Media

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Create regular and engaging content across CAMP’s social media platforms (minimum of one per week)

  • Create professional graphics for camp promotional materials and fundraisers

  • Suggest new content that can be added to our social mediate platforms

Director of Technology

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Regularly update, maintain, and enhance, CAMP’s official website.

    • Content updates will be determined by the Executive Director and board of directors. Updates will occur on a two to four times a year.

    • Website maintenance will be on an as needed basis. Majority of efforts will take place before and immediately following the opening of camper applications (around January 1st).

    • Creativity is essential to our success.This position is provided the opportunity to enhance the website in any way deemed necessary given prior knowledge/past experiences. Any major changes are subject to board review.