Board of Directors

Sharon Tassone

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Adoptive parent of a son with FASD.  It took ten years before obtaining a diagnosis of FASD for her son.  She has a MBA in Marketing and Healthcare, and an undergraduate in Economics and Finance.  She has over 25 years healthcare experience primarily in strategic planning, finance and project management.  Her desire to help others affected by FASD, lead to organizing the camp.  Her vision is to be a resource for families struggling with the challenges of FASD.

Nicholas Tassone

Executive Director & Co-Founder

With five years experience in the field of community service and the nonprofit sector, Nicholas Tassone brings expertise and many valuable contacts to his position at CAMP. Notable is his involvement as the event coordinator for Kuumba Lynx’s annual Half Pint Poetics event, and as the Partnership Director for DePaul University’s annual Dance Marathon, DemonTHON. Nicholas’s experience organizing Half Pint Poetics cultivates a community of over 300 Chicago Public School students to the event each year, while he at the same time helped aggregate over $250,000.00 in contributions for the dance marathon.

Ajeet Charate, LCPC

Clinical Director

Ajeet is a physician from India with a Master’s in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Profession­al Psychology, a Licensed Clinical and Professional Counselor, a Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor and a Board Certified Neurotherapist. A member of the DuPage County Task Force for FASD in Illinois and the Advisory Council of the Midwest Regional FAS Training Center (MRFASTC), he serves as the Illinois State Coordinator for the Illinois MRFASTC team. In addition, he represents Illinois at the National As­sociation of FASD State Coordinators and Building FASD State Systems (BFSS).  Ajeet is also director of the Neurofeedback, Counseling and FASD Institute of Illinois, a division of Trinity Services, Inc., based in Naperville.

Todd J. Ochs, MD, FAAP

Medical Director

Dr. Ochs has been a general pediatrician in Chicago since 1984.  He is an advisory board member of Illinois National Affiliate Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (NOFAS), and has spoken at several conference and hospital seminars on FASD.  He is the founding member of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Section of Adoption and Foster Care, and served on its executive committee for six years.  He has advocated for adopted and fostered children around adoption health and mental health issues, including FASD.


Diane Kotovsky




Alan Młotkowski

Board of Director